luni, 28 septembrie 2009


Is it going back in time a way to think forward? If your answer is 'yes', than you'll enjoy men wearing tights nowadays. But if your answer is 'no' than you could probably pay some attention to someone from Selfridges saying: 'We expect men to be wearing them not only as a way to give legs an extra boost of warmth on the chilliest nights, but as a true style statement.” Well, for such a brave statement, pantyhose costs £70. For those saying neah - it's impossible to talk about a style statement, maybe they should try one the '27 ways of wearing pantyhose as a man'. And please, don't say a final 'no' before visiting Nylongene, a place for all the brave man wearing sheer or patterned mantyhose :-) Funny, but several centuries back in history, tights was a word for men's clothes. So, as the Renaissance era is gone, so the mantyhose should be gone too, or you would dare to e-mancipate?
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