joi, 24 septembrie 2009

Is all about technology and fabrics?

Lenny Kravitz talking to Donatella Versace for Interview mag. One of the questions reefers to what precisely is defining our era in terms of fashion. Is Donatella right and technology and fabrics will put this era into history?

KRAVITZ: What do you think this era will be remembered for? If someone were to look back 20 years from now and, say, put on something from the early 2000s, what would that be?

VERSACE: That’s very difficult to say. I think our era will be defined more when it’s over. You couldn’t define the ’80s when the ’80s were happening. We kept changing. We had shoulder pads, then we didn’t. It was revealing, and then it was decoration. It was a lot of things at once. It was defined when it was over. What I personally think has come to define these years up until 2009 is fabrics. Technology and fabrics. It’s just not quite strong enough yet to see it.

Photo [ Pneuma dress
is monitoring breathe / created by Synne Geirsdatter Frydenberg ]

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