sâmbătă, 9 ianuarie 2010

Warrior, by Samantha Cole London

Excellent collection for stage or editorial stuff designed by Samantha Cole. She studied at The London College of Fashion and worked for Burberry. This particular collection 'Warrior' is clearly for a woman with no fear, yet feminine. The first dress is simply beautiful.
Price: here / More: here

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  1. we share, again, the love for a piece of clothing :) i really like the exaggerated, almost clownish presence of samantha's creations
    (can't stop being amazed how a style is created by so few strokes - if one would redo the same pieces in anything else than black and choose different textures, keeping the same silhouette and construction-techniques, we would have some totally different collections and feelings - less warrior/futuristic/Sci-Fi, more circus-attire or historically inspired clothes, or.. i find this perception games fascinating)