sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2010

Unravelled, by Louise Goldin

Last night I watched the 'Unravelled' fashion project documented by the cult knitwear designer Louise Goldin for Show Studio. She told us in 10 short videos about 1/ her inspiration her forthcoming collection ('Transformers'); 2/ the development & research for A/W 2009; 3/ sketches; 4/ the process of creating the fabrics; 5/ creation & recreation of the outfits, 6/ the support from Swarovski; 7/ the collaboration with London leather specialists; 8/ the final 48 hours before the show; 9/ the show. The last video include some of her supporters and mentors point of view on what her strengths are. Louise Goldin recently win the British Fashion Council Fashion Forward award sponsored by Coutts and Co and supported by the London Development Agency. Louise will receive sponsorship for two seasons to show at London Fashion Week in February and September.

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