duminică, 6 decembrie 2009


For all my +30 years old ladies
[ Financial Times, Make the most of minimalism ]

So this year, I’m doing some things differently. I’ve decided to embrace beauty’s new mood for minimalism, where the luxe factor remains but the glitz has been toned down. The trend pundits are calling it “less-travagance” or “blingimalism”. Make-up artist Pat McGrath says next season will see a “return to freshness and simplicity as a reaction to excess”. This resonates perfectly with how I’m feeling. The problem of getting older is that it takes longer to look the same. But making the transformation from normal you to party face means straying into enemy territory because, as any woman over 30 knows, the more you do, the worse you look. Foundation plus concealer plus powder will kill that youthful glow while eyeshadow and liner and mascara can make the eyes appear heavy and tired.

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