vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

The Souper Dress

I started to read about early avant-garde Russian fashion design and now I am looking for paper dress. That is what I call diving deep into the fashion history. It seams that paper dress was the creation of Russian Constructivists in the early 20's. They made a revolutionary dress 'for an utopian Democratic-Socialist world: to be hygienic, simple, easy to wear, and industrial.' Later in 1966, it was Scott Paper Company that re-invented the paper dress in US.

Just for
$1, women could buy the dress and also receive coupons for Scott paper products. When orders reached half a million dresses, the company executives put an end to the business stating they "didn't want to turn into dress manufacturers." The success was speculated by the makers of Campbell's Soup. Using their soup labels (design inspired by Andy Warhol's artwork) they sold a simple A-line dress: "The Souper Dress. No Cleaning. No Washing. It’s carefree, fire resistant unless washed or cleaned. To refreshen, press lightly with a warm iron. 80% Cellulose, 20% Cotton.” A Souper Dress, hunted nowadays by collectors, fetched over $3000 at auction. Isn't it curious how people didn't care at that moment about wasting paper?

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