miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009

Wallpaper, the October issue

Tomorrow is on sale the October issue of Wallpaper*. The international design/fashion/ lifestyle magazine invited Karl Lagerfeld and Philippe Starck as guest editors. Thus, each designer used paper technologies never used before on magazine covers in order to create an innovative front cover. Lagerfeld issue introduces first ‘peelable’ front cover. The top male model Baptiste Giabiconi, Kaiser’s muse, is featured dressed in Dior Homme. But, this image can be peeled off and reveal the model naked. Starck issue stands out with first triple-layered, transparent front cover. It depicts an amoeba, a monkey wearing shoes, and a question mark. ‘It is my mission to make intelligence sexy,’ says Starck. And now, my question: which of them?

2 comentarii:

  1. in cazul de fata sunt cool amandoi. fiecare cu obsesiile si frivolitatile lui puse direct pe coperta. e si asta un curaj