miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009

NO to sequins

Me don't likey sequins. But the cool girls do, as they are wearing twinkling sequins all the time. Is it because of the disco fever of this season? Or is it because of the Balmain mania among the celebrities? I don't know. I love Balmain for other reasons (military jackets and rounded "tennis ball" shoulders). With or without Balmain, sequins are clearly a trend for autumn/winter 2009-10. Just look for Gucci, Vera Wang, Joseph, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Kors, Elise Overland and you'll see s e q u i n s :-) So, my dear, tell me true: you would dare to wear sequins or not?
Photo [ balmain, fall-winter 09-10 collection]

3 comentarii:

  1. i would :) but not on a balmain-look-alike, i feel like it's just to overhyped lately

  2. show it to me :-) the dress, I mean, that you would dare to wear

  3. the clothing looks so shinning!
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