marți, 8 septembrie 2009

Jak and Jil

When it comes about street fashion my favorite blog is Jak and Jil, because of the attention paid to details and the horizontal candid style of photography. Behind the blog is Tommy Ton, a 25 years old photographer from Canada. He started blogging in September 2008 and gained huge following. After 3 month, China’s luxury retail giant Lane Crawford had contacted him to shoot their 2009 campaign. By now Jak and Jil can attract from 20,000 to 25,000 unique visitors on a daily basis. See more, here. Well, yes, you can follow him on twitter. You’ll see in one of his tweets that he won the Dazed Blog Awards. Now, let me see what's your favorite street fashion blog?

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  1. ma mai uit din cand in cand pe acum insa imi dau seama ca nu se compara cu jak and jil care e one class up.