luni, 7 septembrie 2009

Armani's costume for "Corrida Goyesca"

Photo [ Cayetano Rivera Ordonez wearing an Armani matador costume ] Reuters

Georgio Armani designed a matador costume for Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, one of Spain's leading matadors, to wear in "Corrida Goyesca". The bullfight is held each year on the first weekend in September and the bullfighters wear costumes from the era of 18th Century painter Francisco Goya.. The matador is the latest in a distinguished dynasty of bullfighting aristocrats. In the 1950s Pablo Picasso created a suit worn by Rivera's illustrious grandfather, Antonio Ordonez, for the same event. Armani's skin tight version, an embroidered three piece creation in the designer's favourite shade of griege, complete with a full-length cape lined in scarlet velvet, glittered alluringly in the evening light thanks to a heavy dose of sequins and Swarovski crystals. More, here.

2 comentarii:

  1. It certainly must be distracting for the bull !

  2. yeah, red is so out for bullfights :-)